America United Petroleum

Our Company

America United Petroleum, Corp. specializes in the development of mud pump fluid end expendables to customers all over the world. The sales Headquarter is in Houston.

America United Petroleum, Corp. is dedicated to provide services on oil equipment as refinery. Based on a wide experience in oilfields, along with a select group of engineers, highly qualified technicians, and efficient personnel to understand and satisfied each of our client's needs by providing the best quality but always in a competitive price.

America United Petroleum, Corp. dedicates its commercial force to the Hispanic regions of Colombia, Argentina, Ecuador, and Mexico as well as in the Middle East.

America United Petroleum, Corp. aims to basically combine the necessities of the global oil fields with the capacity of production of the Asian countries and the viability of the strategic one of the United States. The location of the company helps us count on high technology in the oilfield.

Our manufacturing plant has all necessary operations. With streamlined and efficient manufacturing processes and competent staff, we control the production quality strictly according to API Q1-7K standard.

Our products are made with the equivalent quality as OEM for direct replacement. They have successfully proving themselves under the drilling conditions of extreme pressure, high temperature and corrosive environments, with a large range of specifications.

America United Petroleum, Corp. have a good reputation in the market because we offer quality products, Competitive Prices and Responsive Service.

We really hope to cooperate with any customer in the world to join efforts and also work together.

To meet our customer's needs, we dedicate precious resources to research and develop more variable products with high quality.

  1. High-chrome Mud Pump Liners
  2. Chrome-Plated Liners
  3. Hardened Steel Liners
  4. Cross arms Valves and Seats
  5. Full Open- Valves and Seats
  6. Replacement Pistons
  7. Long-Life Bonded Pistons with Rubber
  8. Long-Life Bonded Pistons with Urethane
  9. Piston Hubs
  10. Piston Rods
  11. Extension Rods
  12. Modules
  13. Liner Cages, Liner End Covers
  14. Valve Guides
  15. Valve Spring
  16. Liner Seals
  17. Valve Cover Gasket