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APC/XCB System Core Bits

Tool Operation

  1. The APC/XCB coring system can use three types of bits for coring soft to firm sediments:
  2. 11 in. four roller cone bit with tungsten carbide chisel teeth (Fig. 1),
  3. 10 in. PDC "anti-whirl" (Fig. 4) bits, which are rarely used, or
  4. 10 in. tungsten carbide blade "drag" bits, which are also rarely used.

1) Formation Compatibility

APC/XCB bits are compatible with sediments ranging from soft silts, sands, and sticky clays to moderately firm limestones, claystones, and dolomites.


2) Large Bit Throat The APC/XCB bit throat has a 3.80-in. opening.


samplers; temperature probes; and logging tools, which can pass through the bit throat without requiring a trip to remove the bit or drop it; therefore, coring and logging operations can be resumed without a trip.

APC/XCB Specifications:

  1. Maximum inner core barrel length: 9.5 m
  2. APC/XCB bit throat diameter: 9.652 cm (3.80 in.)
  3. APC shoe throat diameter: 6.197 cm (2.440 in.)
  4. XCB shoe throat diameter: 5.872 cm (2.312 in.)