America United Petroleum

Centrifugal Pump

178 AUP Pump Partsh


AUP pedestal are made from cast ductile for maximum strength and are designed to withstand high piping loads.


AUP uses a replaceable wear plate forpacked pumps.

Stuffing Box

AUP utilizes the stuffing box cover. It is designed to combine the functions of the wear plate and stuffing box of conventional pumps into a one piece replaceable unit. Available in two styles: mechanical seal or regular packed.

Mechanical Seal

AUP pumps utilize either tungsten/tungsten or tungsten/silicon mechanical seals as per customer request.


AUP shafts are manufactured from the highest grade 416 stainless steel. They come in plain 416 SS or Ceramic coated on the packing area.


Available in graphite, king and Teflon packing. The Packing set consists of five packing rings with one lantern ring.


AUP semi-open impellers are designed to handle water or slurries. The back vanes also reduce wear by limiting the flow of solids to the stuffing box thus increasing the life of the packing and decreasing the wear on the shaft.


AUP pumps use only premium quality bearings.

Housing & Face

The two piece housing gives versatility of either right or left hand operation. It reduces turbulence within the pump.