America United Petroleum

Centrifugal Pump

250 AUP Pump Parts


AUP pedestal are made from cast ductile for maximum strength and are designed to withstand high piping loads.

Pump Bearing

AUP pumps use the highest quality bearings. The outboard bearing uses a duplex angular ball contact and the inboard bearing is a double row angular contact. These bearings interchange with other brands.


AUP pumps utilize an open design for their 5x4x14 in. through 8x6x14 in. impeller. The open vane design provides efficient fluid intake and discharge through the power side of the impeller.

Mechanical Seal

AUP pumps utilize a heavy duty tungsten carbide seal, with machined cage and ViltonĀ® Rubber bellows for high temperature use


AUP housing has been reinforced in special wear areas. It features replaceable casing wear pads. The concentric design eliminates vibration, turbulence and cavitations.

Wear Pad

All AUP pumps are fitted with replaceable wear pads within the housing in sizes 4x3x13 in. through 8x6x14 in.

Pump Shaft

AUP shaft utilize only the highest quality 4140 alloy settle which are design to transmit maximum torque.

Shaft Sleeve

The sleeve is made out of 416 stainless steel and ceramic coated for packed pumps. Plain 416 sleeves is used with the mechanical seal.

Labyrinth Seals (optional)

AUP utilizes premium labyrinth seals. They keep contaminants out of the bearings.

Stuffing Box

AUP stuffing Box covers are design to combine the functions of the wear plate and stuffing box of conventional pumps into a one piece replaceable unit. Available in two styles: for the mechanical seal or for the regular packing.

Shearing Ring

AUP also offers a shearing ring option to convert a regular 250 series pump to a shearing pump for mud applications.