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High-chrome mud pump liners are made with a high chrome iron sleeve in a forged steel hull. The bore hardness is 60 to 67 Rockwell C scales while the hull has high tensile strength of more than 90 000 psi. Combing the characteristics of chrome with state of art manufacturing, the liners can withstand mud pressure of up to 7000 psi. The life of our High- chrome liners is proved to generally reach a level of more than 800 hours, which has earned us reputation from the costumers.


AUP offers chrome-plated liners made from premium forged steel with the core plated by chrome. The chrome-plated liners have hardening characteristics of 58 to 62 Rockwell C hardness.


Hardened steel liners are made with premium seamless steel tube or Premium forged steel, in which the bore is carburized and quenched, creating a hardened layer with hardness of 58 to 62 Rockwell C scales.